Plan Fees

The Plan 
The plan is simple and affordable. There are no claim forms to complete, no pre-authorizations, and no waiting periods. Members are issued a membership card immediately upon enrollment with the Dental Care-50 dentist of their choice. If for any reason a member is unhappy with the dentist, they are free to choose another dentist on the plan.

General Dentristry
Members receive a yearly oral exam, cancer check and cleaning for only $42 (approx. a $125 value). This savings alone pays for the low annual fee of $75 per individual or $130 per couple. All additional work is completed at a 20 – 40% discount, when performed by a Dental Care-50 general dentist. Services provided by a specialist are discounted 20%. Everything is covered, including pre-existing conditions and dentures! A pre-set fee schedule is provided to members, so the cost of each specific dental procedure (and the savings) is known before any work is done. Everything is covered including pre-existing conditions and dentures. Any procedure relative to treatment not listed on this schedule will be discounted at 20% off your general providers’s customary fee.

Specialists in our network do not follow the pricing outlined in this schedule, but perform services for 20% off their usual and customary fees to Dental Care 50 members.

Note About Dentures
The price of dentures does not include extractions or relines. One office visit is included for any adjustment needed. Additional adjustments will be charged. at $23 per visit.

Root Canals

Depending on diagnosis, root canals will be performed by either your general dentist or a specialist at a minimum discount of 20%.
The intial cleaning is $42. Additional cleanings within the same year are 20% off the usual and customary dentists’ fee. 

DC-50 Member Prices
Member Fees
2010 Typical Fees
Diagnostic/ Preventive    
Oral Exam
Oral Cancer Screening
Prophylaxis (cleaning)
Periapical X-rays
Bitewing X-rays
Oral Hygiene
Flouride Treatment
Post-Op Treatment
Emergency visit
(during office hours, excludes treatment)
X-ray, Full Mouth
Panoramic Film
Local Anesthetic
Deep Cleaning – Periodontics
Scaling/Root Planning (Per Quadrant)
Full Mouth Debridement
Single Tooth
Each Additional
Surgical Extraction Periodontics
Silver Colored (Amalgam)
Amalgam, 1 Surface
Amalgam, 2 Surface
Amalgam, 3 Surface
White or Tooth Colored (Composite)
Front Teeth
Composite, 1 Surface
Composite, 2 Surface
Composite, 3 Surface
Composite, 4 Surface
Back Teeth
Composite, 1 Surface/Post
Composite, 2 Surface/Post
Composite, 3 Surface/Post
All Porcelain/Ceramic
Temp (With Crown)
Recement Crown/Inlay
Full Metal
Full Gold (Add current gold price)
Cast Post and Core
Complete Upper
Complete Lower
Immediate Upper
Immediate Lower
Upper Cast Partial
Lower Cast Partial
Denture Relines
Dental Adjustments (Once)
Recement Bridge
Additional Adjustments

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